St John the Apostle Church

A Catholic Christian Community of people who gather in the name of Jesus to praise the Father in Word and Sacrament.

St. John the Apostle Catholic Church celebrates the diversity of our families and unites our parish as a worshiping community by reaching out to all people with the word of God. Our mission is to enrich the mind, body and spirit by fostering Christian ideals and beliefs for all; especially for the youth, elderly, sick, and poor.


Are you new to the parish?
Did your address change?
Are you a Young adult no longer in school?
If you are new to the parish, please introduce yourself to
Father Kevin & fill out your Welcome packet.
For changes, registration cards are available at the doors
of Church or by contacting the parish office.
Return them in the collection basket or to the parish office.

New Ministry Schedule (Jul - Sep 17) is posted!

Last Parish Council Meeting Minutes (September 2017)

parish outreach

Life in the Spirit

Many of you are looking for something to motivate or revive your faith life and others who would just like more… This is for you!! Men and women both are encouraged to attend. Bring a Catholic friend. It’s open to everyone! For those of you who don’t typically attend any adult sessions, this would be a great first one. Give it a try. There will be music, videos, table discussions, snacks, and more!

There will be a make up every week for anyone who has to miss and wants to catch up. We will do our best to meet at your convenience. So, go ahead and sign up, even if you will miss the first one.

The first session will last 2 hours, 6:30-8:30. The rest are typically 1 ½ hours. The first night will be in the gym. The rest will be in the cafeteria. You may register opening night, September 19, in the gym at 6:15.


Practice Makes Catholic - Did you know?

The days are mostly gone where an ethnic Parish is
on each corner. The Poles, the French, the Hispanics,
the Irish, the Italians & the Greeks all had their own
traditions & their own parishes.
More likely parishes are now combined or have limited
Mass schedules because our priests are stretched to
accommodate more area. Because of mobility people
still "shop" for parishes. People may like the setup of the
building, the decorations, the music, the Mass time, or the
homilist better at one place or another. There is more
than enough diversity to go around.
Our churches thrive & they dwindle & then thrive again.
This is nothing new & has been going on for all of the
history of the church. Jesus did not promise an easy path
but He did promise that His church would prevail.
Have faith, pray, & embrace our differences .
The message of the church does not change.
Jesus died for our sins & remains with us still.
Love one another as I have loved you.

Did you know we have rosary makers in our parish?

People make rosaries at home, at their convenience, then bring them to us at the office to be shipped to missions or groups in need of them. Some people also like to know how to make them for personal gifts. We also have occasional group times to get together and work on them. We provide the materials for those making rosaries to donate. 

We are going to offer a class sometime in the next few weeks. Let us know if you prefer a day or evening class.


Gather the Children: Our Sunday Liturgy of the Word program for children Kindergarten through 4th grade. Is in need of a
couple of adult volunteers. Teachers are scheduled in pairs once a month, August through July. Please contact Monica if you
would like more information. We need your help!

Pope Francis Visit to USA

The Cordial Catholic - An Conversion Story

Why we are Catholic  

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