St John the Apostle Church

A Catholic Christian Community of people who gather in the name of Jesus to praise the Father in Word and Sacrament.  Our mission is to enrich the mind, body and spirit by fostering Christian ideals and beliefs for all; especially for the youth, elderly, sick, and poor.

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MINISTERS: We will be making changes to the ministry schedule. If you prefer or are able to minister at the 9:00am Mass please let the parish office know ASAP!

Fasting and Abstaining from meat during Lent
ABSTAINING FROM MEAT: Catholics who have celebrated their 14th birthday, are bound to abstain from meat - i.e., they may not eat meat - on Ash Wednesday, all the Fridays of Lent & Good Friday.
FASTING: Catholics who have celebrated their 18th birthday & who have not yet celebrated their 60th birthday, are bound to fast - i.e. they may only eat one full meal each day & may eat nothing between meals - on Ash Wednesday & Good Friday.
EXCEPTIONS: A proportionately grave inconvenience excuses from the laws of fast & abstinence - i.e. medical reasons may excuse one from fasting or abstaining.



Tuesday’s 12:30pm Senior Citizen Game Day Cafeteria

Friday’s during Lent 4-7pm KC Fish Fries Cafeteria

Tuesday’s Feb. 20 till Mar. 27 6pm Stations of the Cross Church

We will be offering a 6 week Scripture Study during Lent. It will run the last 2 weeks of February and all of March, on Tuesday evenings. (6:30-8) The cost is $5. Please let Monica know if you are interested and which of the topicsJames, Peter, and Jude OR Women in the New Testament (click for more information). If you would like to read more about each, go to Little Rock Scripture Study.

Practice Makes Catholic - Did you know?

These are each individual actions which lead us to sins which separate us from God. The first we will investigate is gluttony. Gluttony does not specifically refer to food. It is any action that causes us to have abusive overconsumption or over indulgence in a particular instance. This refers to, but not limited to, food, activities, or wealth. When over indulgence in anything causes us to ignore others or withhold ourselves, our time, energy, or goods from others that becomes the cause of sin. This new year it might be wise of each of us to exam those things that we gluttonously overuse that put a barrier between us and God. Our faithfulness on our journey to God is why we do what we do.
Are you new to the parish or did your address change?

Please introduce yourself to Father Kevin & fill out your Welcome packet. For changes, registration cards are available at the doors of Church or by contacting the parish office. Return them in the collection basket or to the parish office.

Parish Pastoral Council:
Ed Kopp - Chairperson
Mike LaFrance - Vice-Chair
Jeff Kendrick
Anita Sullivan
Suzy Ashcrat
Renee Miller
If you wish to address any concerns in regards to the parish, please speak to one of the council members.
PARISH OUTREACH PROGRAM! (click link for updates)

Debbie Thompson is coordinating this ministry. She would be very happy to have others go with her to minister to the women.  If you would like to share your time and talent with this ministry, please contact her at 422-3507 or 863-1010, or just talk to her after Sunday Mass.

Help Needed: The Bereavement Committee (people of the Parish that provide food for a meal for the families after a funeral) needs your help in providing a dish for this ministry. If you are willing to be put on the food calling list
to bring a dish for funerals please contact Charlene Lawson at 270-422-2087. Thank you
Baptsms: Preparaton is required, 3rd Sunday of the month at 12:15pm, call the office to register.

Confirmaton: Preparaton is required, please call the office for more informaton. Reconciliaton: Saturday’s 3:30pm or by appointment.

Anointng of the Sick: If you are sick, homebound or in the hospital & would like Father to visit, please call the office. Marriage: 6 month preparaton required, please call the office.

New Ministry Schedule Feb - March 2018 is posted

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