St John the Apostle Catholic Church

Weekend Masses have resumed! Due to continued Social distancing requirements - space is still limited so you will need to contact the parish office to be placed on the list if you plan to attend. THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS 12NOON ON THURSDAYS.
EMAIL (  call 270-422-2196, please state which Mass you would like to attend and the number of persons in your party.

Social Distancing: Please wear a mask & keep it on throughout Mass until Communion time. When you arrive at Church (through the main doors) please tell the Usher your name, use the available hand sanitizer and then enter Church, remember to maintain a social distance from other families and single people.

Weekday Masses (Monday – Thursday at 8:00am) has resumed with limited seating and social distancing, you do NOT need to be on a list to attend.

Rosary Prayer Group: Wednesdays - 6pm at the pavilion (if inclement weather you will meet in the cafeteria). Masks & social distancing are required.

Eucharistic Adoration: Mondays from 7-9pm in Church. Masks & social distancing are required. You will enter the side door closest to the rectory.

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500 CLUB 

Please complete and return as soon as possible to.
Include Address and number of tickerts requested in the message.  An email will be sent to the Parish Office.  Once payment is received tickets will be issued.

Begins August. 17, 2020 and ends May 17, 2021. Send me a raffle ticket. Full payments THE FULL PAYMENT OF $50.00 TO BE A MEMBER.

Weekly winner will be contacted by phone the day of the drawing and listed in the bulletin.

Yes, Sign me up!

St John the Apostle

Truck Raffle

You may contact Jennifer Shelton ( for ticket sales

OR purchase a ticket by contacting the parish office 422-2196

Truck Raffle are made payable to St. Mary’s Church 

Let Us Pray

Mass Intentions

Sept. 15 for those in public office
Sept. 16 Jim Nall
Sept. 17 for those in prison
Sept. 19 James & Virginia Ray & Julie Ray Lindsey
Sept. 20 Julie Weick, Red & Libby Lucas & Bob Whelan
Sept. 21 Deceased Augustinian Sisters
Sept. 22 for healing
Sept. 23 Cecil Smith
Sept. 24 for the faithful departed
Sept. 26 Robert & Hazel Hardesty, Wallace & Hattie Frakes & deceased family members
Sept. 27 Stephen Zanone & Our Parish Family
Sept. 28 for vocations to Holy Orders
Sept. 29 All souls
Sept. 30 Deceased Priest of the Archdiocese
Oct. 1 for refugees & exiles

Altar Flowers

Sept. 5/6 In Memory of Stephen Zanone

Sept. 26/27 In Memory of Stephen Zanone

500 Club Winners

Aug. 17, 2020 #87 Rosetta Ditto
Aug. 24, 2020 #76 Megan Wade
Aug. 31, 2020 #207 Roger Burkman
Sept. 8, 2020 #106 Stella Godbey
Sept. 14, 2020 #164 Brylee & Delaney Yates

Let us Pray!

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First Holy Communion

Anthony Fugere
Paige Gossett
Lucas Houk
Titus Price
Cora Phillips
Isabelle Stull
Paloma Bravo
Carlos Bravo

St John Parish Office

A letter from Father Kevin         ---     Letter from Father Kevin, 22 Apr 20
Let's JOIN Together to Celebrate MASS
Weekday Mass & the 10am Sunday Mass will continue to be live streamed.

To access Live stream:
Facebook users: Login & SEARCH (box near top of screen) Type - @StJohnAdultEd or search Saint John the Apostle ADULT formation; Like or Share the page to see events, Live video, updates, etc.
No Facebook? go to Google: TYPE:; you will be asked to LOGIN - ignore/cancel; Scroll Down the page until you see LIVE Video or Scroll Down the page & view recording, later...  

An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus,
I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things,
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there
and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.

Archbishop Kurtz
Mass of the Air Schedule:

-- 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on the Faith Channel, Inc. (Spectrum channel 19), Louisville, KY. This Mass also is streamed live on the Faith Channel at
--10:30 a.m. on WHAS-TV (channel 11), Louisville, KY and under the “Live Video” tab.
--9 a.m. on WBKI-TV (Spectrum Channel 7).
--10 a.m. on WNKY-TV (channel 40), Bowling Green, KY.

Social Distancing, Sign of the Peace, and Holy Communion

Please wear a mask and keep it on throughout Mass until Communion time.
Upon entering the church through the front main doors, use the available hand sanitizer. Three (3) PERSONS ONLY WILL BE SITTING IN A PEW. EVERY OTHER PEW WILL REMAIN EMPTY.  Each individual, whether part of a couple or family, are expected to social distance at 6 feet apart. Members of families that have not made their First Communion should remain at home with a responsible party. 

Sign of Peace: continue bowing to those around you, a sign that you respect your neighbor’s humanness and value their life as much as you do your own.

Holy Communion: Before receiving Holy Communion, maintain 6 feet from the person in front of you, remove your mask before receiving and then put it back on as you return to your pew. 

Income and Expense Report

August 2020

St. John the Apostle Church Finance Council Meeting

July 14, 2020

Members Present: Fr. Kevin Bryan, Deacon Mike Jones, Chairman Tony Brown, Jeremy Stull, Andy
Miller, Kathy Thissen, Judy Yates, Elizabeth Arnold and special guest, Rodney Pickering. Christy Gossett
was unable to attend.
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:57 PM by Tony Brown. Fr. Kevin opened with
Bank Statements: Reviewed and signed by members.
Narthex Report: Current balance showing -$4067.43. We’re expecting pledges to continue through
December 2021 and after that time we should be $3600+ to the good.
500 Club: Letters are going out in the mail very soon. It’s important to emphasize the 500 Club this year
due to limited fundraising (still in hopes of having a Fall Festival). Parish Council will speak at weekend
masses and sell tickets after mass, assuming we’re open and able to do so.
Audit: This is the first archdiocese audit Judy has gone through. One issue they sited was that we need
to video the property and grounds – this will be completed asap. The balance sheets from 2017 & 2018
(prior to Judy) are showing out of balance due to items not being entered correctly. Judy and the
archdiocese’s Internal Auditor are working together to resolve these issues. The archdiocese would like
a committee in place going forward for auditing purposes and Kathy has agreed to be this committee.
The last item sited was they would like us to designate more funds in our cemetery account with the
4 th Quarter Report: Reports reviewed and discussed. We are still ahead in spite of the current situation
in the world. Our parishioners are still tithing!
Budget: The proposed budget was also reviewed and discussed. Right now we need roughly $7200 in
weekly contributions to pay our bills. Payroll is currently frozen per the archdiocese until January 2021
and we will revisit pay raises at that time.
Archdiocese Savings: General savings balance is $164,723.91 earning 1.25% / Cemetery savings balance
$22,743.36 earning 1.25%.

Discussion Items:
1) After discussion regarding the current bank balance in the general fund, motion was made by
Deacon Mike and seconded by Jeremy to move an additional $150,000 to the archdiocese
savings account. It will still be FDIC insured and will earn 1.25% which is more than the current
interest rate at the bank.
2) Building rentals are not allowed at this time.
3) Fall festival – possibly something small later if the pandemic calms down and we’re allowed.
4) Truck Raffle – We will be participating with Holy Guardian Angels, St. Mary’s, St. Theresa’s, and
St. Martin’s. There will be between 1500-2000 tickets sold at $100 each. We’ll have
approximately 90 days to sell our allotted number of tickets. Each church will gain $20,000 from
this fund raiser. More details coming soon.
Proposed new expenses: Presented by Rodney Pickering
1) Cemetery Upgrades – estimates have been collected for repaving the current road along
with cutting in a new road for access in the back for new grave sites, with erosion control
included. This new road will be gravel for the time being. Looking at the best cost estimate,
most economical, etc, the total will be $17,500. This will come out of the restricted fund,
which currently holds about $23,000 for the cemetery.
2) HVAC system in the school - We have one more unit to replace. Rodney has collected two
estimates for this as well but is looking to do a bit more research before a final decision is
made. Chris Medley’s bid is for $11,200 and he has taken care of all our HVAC needs in the
past. Trinity has also submitted a bid and their estimate is $13,940. Rodney would like to
get a third proposal from Alpha and then compare cost effectiveness among the three. He’s
also proposing we review their options for service plans and possibly implement a
preventive maintenance plan, comparing with on call maintenance to see what the best
option is for the church. He wishes to have this complete by the end of the summer.
Next Meeting: October 27, 2020
Meeting Adjourned: Meeting adjourned by Tony at 6:47 PM and Fr. Kevin closed in prayer.  

Parish Life/Liturgy

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Devotional life of the Church. ... In its devotion the Church makes a distinction (Catechism of the Catholic Church, s2132) between respectful veneration on one hand and adoration or worship on the other. Adoration is due to God alone - this includes the Eucharist, since Christ is truly present.

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News & Information

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Are you new to the parish or did your address change? Please introduce yourself to Father Kevin & fill out your Welcome packet. For changes, registration cards are available at the doors of Church or by contacting the parish office. Return them in the collection basket or to the parish office.

Faith Formation

Understanding the Bible

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April 2020 Finance Coucil Meeting


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Parish bulletins often get ignored. We grab them after Mass, glance over them while we eat our donut and drink our coffee, and then usually get discarded a day or two later. However, parish bulletins are actually most common and frequent means a pastor has to communicate with his flock outside of the liturgy. As such, they provide many pastoral and catechetical opportunities that frequently go untapped. Please take a few moments and read them

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Please introduce yourself to Father Kevin & fill out your Welcome packet. For changes, registration cards are available at the doors of Church or by contacting the parish office. Return them in the collection basket or to the parish office.

Parish Pastoral Council:
Ed Kopp - Chairperson
Mike LaFrance - Vice-Chair



If you would like to contribute through electronic funds or are not receiving your envelopes, please call the parish office or e-mail (


Reconciliation/ Confirmation

Reconciliation: Saturday’s 3:30pm or by appointment.

Confirmation: Preparaton is required, please call the office for more informaton. Reconciliaton: Saturday’s 3:30pm or by appointment. 


Baptisms/ Marriage

Baptisms: Preparaton is required, 3rd Sunday of the month at 12:15pm, call the office to register. The next class is Sept. 13 at 7pm in room B of the Parish Ctr. You must be a registered member of the parish & attend the class before the baptism. You may
attend before your child is born. Parents must attend, Godparents are welcome.

Marriage: 6 month preperation required. Please call the parrish for more information.


Anointng of the Sick

If you are sick, homebound or in the hospital & would like Father to visit, please call the office.