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St John the Apostle  


There are a variety of gifts but always the same spirit; there are all sorts of service to be done but always the same Lord; working in all sorts of different ways in different people, it is the same God who is working in all of them . The particular way in which the Spirit is given to each person is for a good purpose. 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

The Windows of St John

Bob Markert, designer and deacon on his 42nd anniversary of Ordination to the Diaconate 

Parish Life/Ministry

By Baptism, Catholics are called to serve one another. In imitation of Christ who said, “I have come to serve, not to be served.”  Click here to read more

Additional Parish Information

By registering at a parish, you are declaring your desire to be part of a Catholic faith community. If you have recently moved to the area or if you are a long-time resident, please consider registering at the parish where you participate. There’s usually information in a parish bulletin or in the pew racks about how to register. When in doubt, ask a priest after Mass. In most cases, you will need to visit the parish office and fill out a simple form 

Top Reasons to Register at a Parish

    -A sense of belonging and identity in a parish community.

    -It is a commitment to practice your faith.

    -Registration enables the parish pastor and staff to get to know you better, to welcome you and to minister to you. This is especially important during a time of crisis so that the pastoral staff can attend to your spiritual needs and the needs of your family.

    -Registration helps you stay connected with your parish and helps your parish stay connected with you. Providing your contact information is important so that parishes provide you timely updates via email, direct mail, phone, etc. Also, if you use offertory envelopes or online giving, you will also receive a year-end statement of your donations for income tax purposes.         -Once you are registered, please notify the parish office of any changes in address or phone number.

    -Registered active members are eligible for sponsor/godparent validation.

    -Registered active members are sometimes eligible to rent parish facilities.

    -Census numbers may determine how many priests are assigned to a parish and how many Masses and enrichment programs are planned and scheduled.

What about Children who are 18 Years of Age or Older? Children are considered members with their parents until they turn 18 years old. Once they are 18, it is their responsibility to join a church family, participate in the Mass and to register as a member independent of their parents.

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Click here for latest financial report.  Mandated by Church law to advise the  pastor in the financial area of parish life. Appointed by the pastor.  A Finance Council, composed of members with the appropriate expertise and possessing a love for the  Church and its mission, can provide the Pastor valuable advice and assistance in the execution of his parish financial administration duties. A competent Finance Council can also help a parish maximize its financial resources and avert potential financial problems. Pastors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the counsel and advice provided by the Finance Council. Last meeting minutes

Click here for a short presentation Usher/greeters are usually the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive. The usher/greeters' dress, attitude, words, demeanor, body language all speak a message to the worshiper. As God's servants to his people, usher/greeters should take care that nothing interferes with the awesome character of this encounter between God and his people at this time and place.