The Windows of St John the Apostle Catholic Church

Bob Markert, designer and deacon on his 42nd anniversary of Ordination to the Diaconate 
  • The first window that needs explanation is the window was designed and
    installed approximately 38 years ago. At the time the pastor wanted a
    window that was more abstract and contemporary but I included
    symbolic elements within the window if you know how to look for them.
    The window's theme, because of its size, and location behind the altar is
    that of Eucharist. At the time the Tabernacles was not in the center
    behind the altar, so that the lines in the opening were uninterrupted

    The strongest symbolic presence is the windows basic structure. It is
    dominated by the cup like lines throughout the window with the base of
    the cup flowing into the altar space. The cup is an image of nourishment, joy, and sacrifice, especially if you reflect on Jesus' question to James and John when their mother asked for them to sit at Jesus' right and left in the Kingdom. His question? Can you drink of the cup (chalice), that I will drink? (Matthew 28:22) That is a question that everyone who approaches the altar must ask themselves. '*re are all called to answer that question with our lives which are caught up in the Eucharistic presence and need for nourishment and salvation in our own lives. The greens at the base of the window are the indicate the plant growing from the seed that Jesus plants, and that becomes the bits and pieces of gold and yellow that directly denote the plant as being wheat. That wheat which is ground into the Bread of life that feeds us. The top of the window uses yellow and gold as a sign of hope, looking to the future Kingdom and being sent out to bless our world with our own sacrifice and our drinking of the Cup. 

    Main Windows Behind the Altar

  • Supporting the Eucharistic theme you find a ruby cross standing in the bottom of the window area which has both water and blood flowing from the cross. It points to Jesus sacrifice for us, with
    both blood and water flowing from his Sacred Heart. The wheat and grapes are made visually specific in this and the next three windows to place the Eucharistic theme front and center. The curved lines running diagonally from lower right to upper left remind us of the basic cup
    shape which continues throughout all the windows on the Altar wall.

    We are all called to drink from the cup. 

    #1 This window continues the same background design as the main window.