St John the Apostle Church

A Catholic Christian Community of people who gather in the name of Jesus to praise the Father in Word and Sacrament.

St. John’s Harvest Festival & Turkey Dinner
Sunday, October 16th 11:30am-7pm
Sign-up sheets & tickets are in the Narthex,
please stop by the table after Mass!
If you have any questions please contact Beth LaFrance

500 Club
Do you have your 500 Club ticket for this year?
64 of the 500 tickets have been sold to date.
The 1st drawing is September 6, 2016!
Letters & membership forms have been mailed or
you may stop by the office to purchase your ticket.
Don’t miss your chance to be a winner!

Anon Meetings: Thursday’s at St. Martin at 6:30pm in the
cafeteria of the school building. For more info call 270-828-3368.

In our new narthex on the left as you enter the front
doors is a small wooden box. This box, along with the
pews & our reconfigured stained glass pieces, were
brought here from the original Saint John's.
This box contains the holy oils used by our Parish
throughout the year, they are called the chrism oils.
On Holy Thursday morning the Archbishop, joined by
the priests of the Archdiocese, gather at the Cathedral
to celebrate the chrism Mass. This Mass manifests the
unity of the Archbishop & the priests of our Archdiocese.
During this Mass the chrism oils are blessed. The oils are
traditionally presented to adult catechumens who bring
them back to their Parish o be used during the year.
The oils are basically three forms. The first is the oil of
catechumens used in baptisms. The second is the oil of
the infirm & is used during the anointing of the sick.
The third holy chrism is used during the administration of
sacraments through the year at our Parish.
These oils are also used for holy orders, for confirmation
& in the dedication of a new church. Archbishop Kurtz
used these oils when he dedicated our new narthex