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Advent Bible Study

 Join us on Sunday mornings at 10, beginning December 2 in room B of the parish center. We will study John 1-10, The Word Made Flesh. $10 fee for book. The sessions will continue a couple of weeks into January. Contact Monica Lucas or Judy Sipes to register. *There may be other groups meeting for Advent. Watch your email and church bulletin for more information.

Like online resources? Sign up to receive free daily emails during Advent and watch videos from Dynamic Catholic: 

Parish Concil Members

Nominations are now open for (2) three year positions. All nominations are
subject to the approval of the pastor. Nominations are open until October 1.

The Parish Council is an advisory body to the pastor on areas of parish life. To serve on the Parish Council you must be at least 18 years of age; a fully initiated (Received the Sacraments of Initiation) registered member of the parish; and a Catholic in good standing. The new members will be chosen using a selection process rather than an election process. See the bulletin for more details. 

Christmas Angels

It’s that time again! Time to help those
less fortunate in our area by shopping for an angel.
Please take one from the tree in the Narthex & follow the
instructions on the back. Thank you in advance for your
generosity. Deadline to return items is Dec. 10

WLHN 95.3 FM Meade County Catholic Radio (MCCR)

A non-profit radio station which broadcasts the EWTN radio signal to the citizens of Meade County located in Kentucky. MCCR does not receive any financial support from the Archdiocese of Louisville. It is able to stay on the air due to the generosity of the listeners and the support of the four local parishes: St. John the Apostle, St. Martin of Tours, St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, and St. Theresa of Avila.

Adopt a Grandparent for Christmas/A Community Service

Did you know that over 40% of residents in nursing homes
never get a visitor? YOU can change that! For a $30 donation we deliver a beautiful gift of cream & lotion to help with dry skin & help prevent bed sores for an elderly resident, your name can be
placed on the nametag.

We will visit B-burg Nursing & Rehab Fri., Dec. 21 at 10am, sing carols & spend time with the residents. Your gift if 100% tax deductible. Deadline is Dec. 15. Call Charlene Lawson 422-2087

Christmas Food Baskets 

We will be accepting non-perishable food items
(green beans, corn, cranberry sauce (can), boxed stuffing,
sweet potatoes (can) & boxed mac-n-cheese) for the Knights of Columbus food baskets from now till the weekend of Dec. 8/9. Please leave in designated boxes in the Narthex or at the Parish office.  If you, or someone you know, are in need of a food basket
please contact the Parish office no later than Dec. 3rd.

Current Events

Salute to Catholic School Alumni Dinner
Save The Date 


Mark your calendars for the annual Salute to Catholic School Alumni Dinner event to be held on March 27, 2019 at the Galt House Hotel Grand Ballroom. This marquee event netted an all-time high $1,000,000 in tuition assistance last year for needy families in our Catholic school community. This is your chance to nominate a Catholic school alumni to be recognized as a 2019 Honoree. 

Catholic school alumni contribute significantly to the social, spiritual and economic fabric of the entire communities in which they live. The Salute to Catholic School Alumni is designed to spotlight the impact that Catholic schools have had on the development of many of this community’s most significant leaders. Held in March of each year, this community-wide event is sponsored by the Catholic Education Foundation.

Award Nominations

To nominate a candidate for the Salute Award, complete the attached form. Please include the school(s) attended, occupation, accomplishments, community service, and a brief statement in support of the candidate for this award.


The selection committee will choose five to six alumni to honor at the Salute. The names of nominees not selected will be retained for consideration in future years. Names of those selected for awards will be publicly announced in January.

Award Selection Criteria

Candidates for recognition at the Salute to Catholic School Alumni are men and women who have attended a Catholic elementary school or high school in the Archdiocese of Louisville or another diocese around the world. They will have made significant contributions to their community, the region, the nation, or the global community through of significant accomplishments in athletics, business, communications, education, arts, public service, science, or service to others. Candidates will reflect the highest ethical standards and will exemplify in their lives the values and teachings of Catholic education.

Current pastors, principals, teachers and other employees of archdiocesan parishes, schools, and agencies are not eligible for the Salute award.  

Helping others can change the world, pope tells young people

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In a video message to young men and women around the world, Pope Francis called on them to provoke an uprising of change by serving others.

In helping those who are suffering, both young believers and nonbelievers can find "a strength that can change the world," the pope said in a video message to youths for the upcoming World Youth Day in Panama.

"It is a revolution that can overturn the powerful forces at work in our world. It is the 'revolution' of service," he said in the message released by the Vatican Nov. 21.

The theme for the World Youth Day celebrations, which will take place Jan. 22-27, is taken from the Gospel of St. Luke, "May it be done to me according to your word."

In his message, the pope said those words uttered by Mary during the Annunciation are "the positive reply of one who understands the secret of vocation: to go beyond oneself and place oneself at the service of others."

Life, he said, can only find meaning when serving God and others. Like Mary, young people must engage "in conversation with God with an attitude of listening" so that they may discover their calling either in marriage, consecrated life or the priesthood.

"The important thing is to discover what God wants from us and to be brave enough to say 'yes,'" the pope said. "When God has a proposition for us, like the one he had for Mary, it is not intended to extinguish our dreams, but to ignite our aspirations."

Pope Francis encouraged young people to say 'yes' to God's calling, which is "the first step toward being happy and toward making many people happy."

"Dear young people," the pope said, "take courage, enter within yourselves and ask God: 'What do you want from me?' Allow God to answer you. Then you will see how your life is transformed and filled with joy."

People must confront their evil desires, beg God for mercy, pope says

Nov 21, 2018 , y Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service

Vatican City — God handed down his commandments not for people to hypocritically follow the letter of the law with a proud and righteous heart, but for people to recognize the truth of their weaknesses and acknowledge their need for help, healing and salvation, "Blessed are those who stop fooling themselves, believing they are able to save themselves from their weakness without God's mercy," which is the only thing that can heal a troubled heart, he said Nov. 21 during his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square.

"Blessed are those who recognize their evil desires and, with a penitent and humiliated heart, stand before God and humanity, not as one of the righteous, but as a sinner," he said. The pope continued his series of talks on the Ten Commandments, reflecting on the final commands, "You shall not covet ... your neighbor's wife" and "anything that belongs to your neighbor." The last commandments, he said, encapsulate the essence of all of God's commands -- that every sin or transgression stems from "coveting" and being caught up in evil thoughts and desires.

The commandments aim to set clear limits, which, if they are crossed, do great harm to oneself and to one's relationship with God and others, the pope said. But what compels people to cross those boundaries? he asked. All transgressions and sins, he said, stem from "one common inner root: evil desires." These desires "stir the heart and one enters the fray and ends up transgressing. But not a formal or legal transgression. A transgression that wounds, wounds oneself, wounds others."

He said Jesus explains in the Gospel of St. Mark that what is evil comes from what is inside a person, what is in their hearts -- evil thoughts like, "unchastity, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, licentiousness, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, folly." "Each one of us could ask ourselves which of these desires occurs often in me," as part of an examination of one's heart and recognition of the truth, he said.

The Ten Commandments will have no impact or effect if people do not understand the source of sin is inside them and the challenge is to "free the heart from all of these evil and ugly things," the pope said. God's laws could be reduced to just a "beautiful facade of a life that is still the life of a slave and not children" of God, he said. "Often, behind that pharisaical mask of asphyxiating correctness, something ugly and unresolved is hiding," he added. "Instead, we must let ourselves be unmasked by the commandments" in order to reveal one's spiritual poverty and be led to "a holy humiliation," recognizing one's failings and pleading to God for salvation. The laws of the Bible are not meant to "deceive people that a literal obedience (to the law) brings one to an artificial and, for that matter, unattainable salvation," he said. The law is meant to bring people to the truth about themselves -- to recognize their poverty and to authentically open themselves up to the mercy of God, "who transforms us and renews us. God is the only one who is able to renew our hearts as long as we open our heart to him. That's the only condition."

The commandments help people face "the disarray of our hearts in order to stop living selfishly" and become authentic children of God, redeemed by the Son and taught and guided by the Holy Spirit.