Catechesis - About Liturgy

From “Living Liturgy”, the Liturgical Press
In Collegeville, MN; pg. 173

GO, YOU ARE SENT — Our word “Mass” comes from  the Latin text of the Mass’s final dialogue, ITE, MISSA EST. Some liturgical scholars have translated this as “Go forth, the Mass is completed”, or “the assembly is dismissed.” No matter the exact definition of MISSA, the meaning is lear. The grace we have received and shared in the Eucharistic action cannot remain here. It must go forth, and it can only do so through us and our actions in our daily lives. The General Instruction of the Roman missal (GIRM) says the purpose of the dismissal is “so that each may go back to doing good works, praising and blessing God.” Next the GIRM says that the priest and deacon kiss the altar. Then all the ministers make a profound bow to the altar. There is no mention of a concluding procession nor of a song to accompany that procession. It is simply presumed that there is some kind of leave-taking by the ministers. The abrupt quality of the instructions and rubrics here give us a sense of the urgency of the dismissal. Go now! You are sent! Take only what you have been given here, and give it away freely to all you meet this week. Then come back next Sunday rejoicing and giving thanks for all God has done.


There are a variety of gifts but always the same spirit; there are all sorts of service to be done but always the same Lord; working in all sorts of different ways in different people, it is the same God who is working in all of them . The particular way in which the Spirit is given to each person is for a good purpose. 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

How can YOU help YOUR parish? 
Community of Faith
St. John’s is a faith-filled, visionary Catholic community that strives to be a responsible, supportive and compassionate neighbor.

The community of Faith gathers to give praise and thanks to God. Each mass requires the help and dedication of many people. 

Eucharistic Ministers
Please make sure all spots have been filled before Mass.

Delegated to distribute Holy Communion to the faithful during Mass. Requires reception of Confirmation, good standing with the church, participate in the training from the parish to be trained in parish procedures. Directed by the coordinator and pastor.

Altar Servers
Please make sure 2 servers have signed in before Mass.

Assist the celebrant with the movement of the liturgy at weekend Masses. Open to anyone 4th grade and older. Requires formal training and commitment to show up when scheduled. Directed by the DRE.

Please make sure both lectors are present before Mass.

A reader who proclaims the Word of God at Masses as well as at other liturgical services. Directed by the coordinator as guided by the parish priest.  

Here you can here the readings

Ministry Reminders

Please read ALL reminders. It is EXTREMELY important that if you are unable to minister to please call for your replacement.

• Please remember to sign in on the sheet located outside the sacristy. We are short ministers, so please make sure all ministries have been filled before Mass.

• If you are unable to minister as scheduled, please call someone on the list (if you need a list please email or call the office) to cover for you. 

• Eucharistic Ministers – please make sure all spots have been filled before Mass.  

• Altar Servers – please make sure 2 servers have signed in before Mass.

• Lectors – please make sure both lectors are present before Mass. 

• Hospitality Ministers - arrive 15-20 minutes before Mass & greet parishioners in the vestibule as they enter church. Please try to acknowledge each person as they arrive.

• Ushers – when Father begins the Creed go to the back of Church. 1 usher goes to get the bulletins (if not at the table, they are in the cabinet in the sacristy above the sink) when 1 usher has returned then all 4 ushers process up the center aisle together & bow at the altar. 1 usher goes to each side/wing & begins the basket with the 1st pew & collects it at the last pew. Leave bulletins at the side doors. 2 ushers collect from the center aisle. Begin 1 basket with the 1st pew & the 2nd basket at the 7th pew. Collect your baskets at the 6th & last pews. All ushers empty their baskets into 1 larger basket to be carried with the gifts. If no gift bearers are available to carry the gifts, the ushers should do so. When Father starts the concluding rite, go to the doors & prepare to hand out bulletins as parishioners are leaving. **If parishioners are standing, please assist them in finding a seat, you may need to ask for everyone to “move in” to make more room. 5 minutes before Mass begins, if no one is seated in the handicap pew & parishioners are still standing, please inform them that they may sit in this pew.

• Gift bearers – have been assigned for Masses. When the ushers begin the collection, please go to the gift table.